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Transitioning is very delicate and must be done with care! Every patient is different and needs the guidance and help during their adolescence to find a medical home as an adult.

Our program, consist of working with the patients pediatric physicians that are sickle cell disease specialist. Then find adult physicians that, if not already knowledgeable, would want to be trained in this disease. Often times adult physicians are overwhelmed by sickle cell anemia and the history of the patients disease. From birth our patients struggle, between the ages of 18-21  leaves a gap for the patient to be in limbo with their care. This leads to even more complications, and if ultimately not cared for properly, the patients life is cut short!

Our solution to this problem is to be the link between both physicians. Making sure the adult physicians has all the information he or she needs at their finger tips to provide the best care for the patient. This program is already in progress and in need of much funding with the help of our donors, volunteers, and partnerships we can save lives.

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The transitioning program is overseen by Misty Williams and a team of professionals in the health industry. 

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