About Us

The Misty Melony Sickle Cell Disease Foundation is a non-profit based organization, that was founded by Misty M. Williams whom herself lives with SCD. The organization is run by members of the sickle cell community, for the benefit of the sickle community. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with SCD.  


Developing essential skills of advocacy in said population, toward the ultimate goal of individual as well as community empowerment. This organizations motto,


aims to cope with overwhelming challenges that are apart of living with a serious chronic disease that is, undervalued and the target of much ignorance and prejudice due to the lack of knowledge of this disease.

The difficulties encountered as a patient/care partner or parent, leaves discouraging empty complaints without the suggestion of a solution to the issues that are faced by the patient and their family.


Our main goal starts with transitioning, and that's in every aspect in life!

We want to assist in your transition from peds physicians to an adult physician that truly cares. We are dedicated to our patients making it from grade school to college, from work to retirement, and have a family if they so choose. Our sole purpose is to have SCD patients live a long, full, and blessed life!